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New Study Shows That Valentine’s Day Is Often Linked to Divorce

Posted on : February 21, 2018, By:  Grace Chang

Many studies look at the factors that could increase your chances of getting divorced and given the prevalence of divorce in the United States it is expected that this research interest will only continue. Some people who get married on arguably the most romantic day of the year may face problems according to a new study.

It might seem romantic to get married on Valentine’s Day, but it turns out that those couples who choose February 14th as their nuptial day of choice could face a higher chance of being divorced. A study found that those people who get married on February 14th are 37% more likely to split up and are also 45% less likely to make it to their third anniversary when compared with other couples. This came out of University of Melbourne research that explored more than 1.1 million weddings.

Those couples who choose Valentine’s Day to tie the knot are much more likely to get divorced, according to a study. These Valentine’s Day sweethearts may experience slightly more impulsive behavior and it’s possible that these couples have lived together less than the typical average before getting married. More than 1 million Dutch weddings were analyzed, and they found that despite the typical statistics which indicate that the average was 4% for getting divorced, those who got married on Valentine’s Day face a 6% risk of divorce.

The study was published in the Journal of Population Economics and it explored various different reasons why couples who chose to get married on allegedly the most romantic day of the year, may have a higher chance of getting divorced. Valentine’s Day is typically the exception for people getting married early in the year, as the summer months and the fall tend to be more popular opportunities for people to officially tie the knot.
Regardless of when you got married, you may be thinking of getting a divorce and wish to have your questions answered about many issues surrounding the termination of the marriage. Consulting with an experienced attorney is often the first step towards understanding your rights and responsibilities moving forward.