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As Many as a Quarter of Couples Split Up Over Chores

Posted on : April 20, 2018, By:  Grace Chang

Many people know the most common stressors that can lead to a marital breakdown. These can include trust due to infidelity and concerns over constantly fighting over money. These are some of the top reasons that people choose to file for no-fault divorce every year citing irreconcilable differences in their relationship. But a new study shows it may go even farther. In fact, this study found that up to one-quarter of divorced people will split over disagreements regarding household chores.

The research study looked at 3,000 committed couples and identified that the more money spent on cleaning services led to greater relationship satisfaction.

This may be tied to the fact that having no time to relax after work and simply jumping into cleaning up the house can lead to depression. Whereas, using the money earned to increase your leisure time by outsourcing cleaning and other related tasks can improve a person’s mood. Some job outsourcing apps or outsourcing your house cleaning can help give you a better perspective and help you to feel refreshed when you come home knowing that much of the housework has already been completed.

If you have already come to blows with your spouse over disagreements in the home and are not sure where to turn next, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. Sometimes the differences between you and your spouse may be too much to bear and this may prompt you to file for divorce, sooner rather than later. Scheduling a consultation with an attorney who can walk you through what to expect and help you understand what is in your best interests is vital for your future.  

Whether you argue over money, chores, or something else, the issues might get to the point where you don’t see a way forward except to retain a divorce lawyer. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you need to speak with a lawyer immediately about your next steps. It can seem overwhelming, but a family lawyer is a powerful resource for you and your loved ones during this emotionally charged time.